Ice Cream Buffet “fresh”


Off to the ice cream cafe! This wooden ice cream set makes summertime role-playing simply perfect. The ice cream buffet coloured in blue, pink, and natural wood tones impresses as a dessert stand with many functions and accessories. Stackable scoops of ice cream, ice lollies, whipped cream dollops/soft-serve ice cream, cones and bowls with spoons, little heart waffle pieces, and deco-cherries will leave no wish unfulfilled. The display area with a plastic window, the freezer with transparent turning lid incl. stopper, the accessories stand, and the storage compartment maintain order! The highlights are the magnetic ice cream scoop and the soft ice cream/whipped cream dispenser. Include chalkboard sign.
The scoops of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, stracciatella and strawberry) can be taken out of the display and put on a cone or in a bowl with a press of the ice cream scoop’s rocker switch button. The predetermined positions of the ice cream scoops are indicated by the colour-coded compartments. Two of the four ice cream scoops and the whipped cream/soft-serve ice cream can be fit with the heart waffle pieces or the cherry decorations. The ice cream scoops can be stacked however you want. The scoops or the cones/bowls can be spruced up with a dollop of whipped cream or soft-serve ice cream with the dispenser. One press of the button is enough to release the whipped cream/soft-serve ice cream from the dispenser. A small compartment under the display area can be used to store one’s own accessories or other toys like toy play money and a purse.
It’s a must-have for your play kitchen and role-playing assortments, particularly in the summer months!

Suitable from 3 Years+

Brand: Small Foot

In stock

Size approx.: 45cm x 21cm x 47cm, work height approx. 11cm

Material: Wood, Fabric, Metal, Synthetic

  • Ice cream scoop and soft-serve ice cream/whipped cream dispenser with magnet function
  • 8 different “flavours” of ice cream, from ice lollies and ice cream scoops to soft-serve ice cream
  • Stackable ice cream scoops equipped with magnets
  • Freezer for ice lollies with transparent lid with a stopper
  • Gender-neutral, subtle colour design with lots of visible wood material
  • Large and small ice cream cones, ice cream bowl with spoons plus decorative waffle pieces and decorative cherries for inserting
  • Accessories stand with little flag and a chalkboard
  • Ice cream display area with plastic viewing window, colour-coded ice cream compartments for the ice cream scoops with matching colours

Small Foot

Age Suitability

3 Years


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